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Access a constantly updated, handpicked collection of AI investing tools that help you make more money, develop trading strategies, automate investing, rebalance your portfolio, and analyze markets

AI Has Come to Retail Trading & Investing

AI can be used for automated investing, tax-loss harvesting, market analysis, goal-based planning, and portfolio rebalancing

Humans are good at judgment, while machines are good at triaging extraordinary amounts of data,” says R.J. Assaly, chief product officer at Toggle AI, an AI tool for investors. “AI can watch all these disparate data points, look back for what’s been anomalous and look back through history at how things have responded.”
RJ Assaly
Chief Product Officer at TOGGLE AI
Predictive AI finds the “footprints” of big players making investing moves or any trading pattern. It’s extremely good at quantitative and technical trading.. Newer AI models can up the game with improved functionality, beating already-sophisticated models by using tech that can “learn” and adjust,
Ryan Pannell
CEO & Chair, Kaiju Worldwide Investment

Why Did I Make This?

The Global Generative AI in Trading Market size is expected to reach USD 208.3 million by 2024 and is further anticipated to reach USD 1,705.1 million by 2033, according to Dimension Market Research.

AI investing tools present an opportunity to use AI for trading strategy development, portfolio optimization, trading automation, taking advantage of quick market movements, analyzing market data in minutes, and eliminating emotional biases that often lead to poor investment decisions.

I curated these AI trading tools to help you earn more money, save time, and energy, and help you become a smarter investor

Who is This Curated Database For?

Whether you want to create trading strategies, automate investing & wealth management, analyze markets, or simply get warm leads for your outreach, this Airtable database is the perfect fit for you.

Retail Traders

Discover AI tools that create algorithmic trading strategies, analyze rapid market movements, and automate investing


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Stocks, Real Estate, Forex, & Crypto investors who want to make quality trading and investment decisions

Wealth Managers

Looking for companies that enable them to build custom algorithms and data-driven investment strategies


Looking for AI tools for fundamental and quantitative analysis, portfolio optimization, and risk management


VCs and entrepreneurs looking for AI companies to invest in or partner with, will find this curated list very useful


Researchers exploring AI use cases in the investing world, or mapping out the AI investing landscape


Influencers and affiliates looking for platforms to promote in the financial world will find these tools very helpful

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